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We specialise in the geotechnical design and management of open cut mine slopes. Our experience include working on more than 30 large open cut projects. We provide practical geotechnical advice to ensure safe and economical viable slope designs.

Open cut geotechnical capabilities

-   Feasibility, due diligence and peer review studies.

-   Geotechnical design and assessment of mine slopes.

-   Geotechnical drilling, mapping and rock mass characterisation.

-   Development of structural and domain models.

-   Advanced numerical modelling expertise. 

-   Design of ground support programs to provide localised support.

-   Horizontal drainhole and groundwater observation bore programs.

-   Geotechnical assessment of mine waste dumps.

-   Design of large scale dewatering programs.

-   Smooth wall blast designs to protect final high walls.

-   Development and review of ground control management plans.

-   Geotechnical assessment of rehabilitation slopes.

-   Design and implementation of slope monitoring systems.

-   Training of site geotechnical and mining engineers.

-   Operational geotechnical support.


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